Design & Planning
We have experienced artistic designers to work with our customers one-on-one to meet their specific requirements.

Every project is completely custom tailored to the home in which it will be installed.

We strive to make sure budgetary requirements are met without sacrificing the quality of the products provided for the job.

Drawings and Installation
Before we begin your project we will take on-site measurements.  

We use a CAD system that will allow you to review your design drawings  in a conceptual view. 

We will provide you with a complete set of manufacturing drawings for you to sign off before production begins.

At any time you may come to the shop to inspect the cabinets being made for your home. 

Quality inspection upon manufacturing completion.

Our professional team will install your order to your satisfaction.

After installation should any changes be required our response is fast because we have a local shop, and are not dependent on shipment from a remote factory.

Finally we get your  approval / acceptance of installation.

Any correction issues will be taken care of with a rescheduled visit to meet your satisfaction.